Know where you are and where you’re going spiritually!

It’s a new year, and many people are taking the time to think about their lives and decide how they should do things differently to hit their goals.

So where are you going, spiritually speaking? What are your spiritual goals?

We want to help you know exactly where you are and how to reach your spiritual goals by sending you Pastor David’s insightful teaching series Growing for a Lifetime.

This empowering message series will introduce you to the blessings of spiritual self-examination and show you how to use this biblical discipline to grow in your walk with Christ.

Growing for a Lifetime is our gift to thank you for your renewed gift of support below to help more people be transformed by the power and truth of God’s Word in 2018.

So request your copy when you give below – and see how far you can go spiritually this year!

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Growing for a Lifetime
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