Find your true purpose in life and faith through the Resurrection

Lots of people today are so busy, and worried they’re not getting everything done on time.

The pressure of this busy lifestyle is unhealthy but completely avoidable… when you understand how to live life with purpose and power in Christ.

We want to help you find that powerful purpose in your life and faith by sending you Volume 1 of Pastor David’s Resurrection DVD series in gratitude for your gift below to touch more lives with the truth of God’s Word.

Through this 6-sermon, verse-by-verse message series, you will…
  • experience more Resurrection power in your life
  • discover the deep significance of Christian baptism
  • gain courage to obey Jesus’ teachings
And if you’re led to give $50 or more this month, we’d be honored to also send you Volume 2 of Resurrection (packed with even more biblical encouragement).

Your gift below is so important to help people like Claire discover real freedom in Christ. She shares…

“I have always felt that God is mad at me. I wondered if Jesus could forgive me.

“I listened to Pastor David's sermon on legalism. I could not ask for forgiveness before, but I know I can now. I finally feel I can breathe!”

So thank you for giving today to help reach more people like Claire!

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Resurrection: Vol 1 - 6 message set
    mp3 instant download, with my full gift supporting Cross the Bridge.
    CD (Available now for a donation of $25.00 or more)
 Resurrection: Volumes 1 and 2
     Available now for a donation of $50.00 or more
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