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So many people try so hard to earn their way into heaven by doing more good deeds than bad – when God offers His grace as a free gift to all!

That’s why your gift below is important.

Your generous donation helps share the simple truth of God’s grace with more people so they can cross the bridge from works-based righteousness to a life of faith in Christ’s work on the cross.

To thank you for your generosity today, we’ll send you a copy of Rescuing the Gospel by Erwin W. Lutzer.

This riveting book celebrates the 501st anniversary of the Reformation by telling the powerful story of how God used this movement to recover the beautiful truth of the biblical Gospel – and how brave men and women stood up at the cost of their lives to proclaim God’s free gift of salvation through faith in Christ.

So get your copy when you give below, and thank you for your generosity to help share the good news of God’s grace with more people.

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