Discover the power of purpose

So many Christians give up when the going gets tough. But in the Bible, we see how the early church grew in boldness, even when threatened with torture or death.

How could they be so bold?

The secret is that they understood why they were doing what they did.

They suffered for Christ – and they knew one day they would rise with Him. That’s the power of purpose!

We want to help you get that same bold courage by sending you Pastor David’s 6 part audio teaching series Resurrection, Vol. 2 as our thanks for your gift below to help bring the life-changing message of God’s Word to more people around the world.

In this powerful resource, you’ll…
  • examine for yourself the proof of the Resurrection;
  • understand the historical significance of this momentous event; and
  • discover what Jesus’ Resurrection means for you today.
So thank you for your gift below – and for helping more people cross the bridge from death to life!

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Resurrection: Vol 2 - Living for eternity.
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