You have a lifeline of hope

Many people think Christianity is a list of ‘do’s and don’ts” – an impossible standard to live up to. Life’s already hard enough, and adding an endless list of rules only brings you down further.

But the truth is, God’s Word is a lifeline of hope and joy in troubled times!

We want to help you grab hold of the lifeline God’s holding out by sending you Pastor David’s 4-part CD series Living Life by the Book as thanks for your generous gift below.

This empowering teaching takes you through the Book of Ruth and shows you how:
  • God can turn around life’s difficulties for your good
  • Living for Jesus can be simple, not complicated
  • You can have joy even in trials
  • You can live free of guilt and shame
Get your copy of Living Life by the Book when you give today. We pray Pastor David’s resource is a source of hope and joy to you as you grab hold of God’s Word!

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