"I learned about your ministry from the internet and I discovered your heart for the lost people of this world. May God reward all your efforts and sacrifices in reaching people to Jesus' cross!" - Melany; Romania

"I would like to thank you all so much for your prayers. It seems like almost instantly when I saw the pastor on Praise the Lord and went to the internet and signed my family up for prayer. God is good and prayer changes things." - Iris

"We are so thankful you are on CSN in bringing God's Word to this spiritually dark world and we wouldn't miss your 8 PM, M-F program!" - Bill and Eleanor; Gulfport, MS

"You cannot begin to imagine how thankful I am that someone cares enough to lift my family up in prayer. I have been listening to Pastor David McGee for a very long time now and hearing his offer for prayer, so I finally contacted the ministry for prayer. Thank you so very much." - Beverly: Trinity, NC

"Thanks so much for praying for the lost. Last night my nephews, Colin and Thomas, said they received Christ as their Lord and Savior and believed He died for their sins. They were two people on my prayer list I sent to you several days ago. Thank you so much!" - Jill; Richmond, VA

"Dear Pastor David, I am grateful for your broadcast and your encouraging messages. I truly look forward to being able to let you know that my daughter and grandson have come to faith in Jesus. Believe me I am grateful for the prayers of your staff and prayer warriors on their behalf. - Judy

"I want to thank Pastor David and his ministry. I am from Redding, CA and visited Kernersville, NC. I looked up The Bridge as I heard Pastor David on CSN from my Redding radio station. The Bridge was the first church I attended when I arrived in Kernersville and it was the last. Thank you for being what I needed and for teaching through the Scriptures. It sounds funny but in Redding I have discovered many churches that barely open their Bibles." - Renee; Redding, CA

"I came across your teaching on internet radio and eventually found crossthebridge.com. I have now listened to many of your sermons. I just really wanted to thank you for sharing your teaching, and have found your teaching on the Word of God to be so relevant, lif-changing and balanced. Through listening, I have been encouraged and given the tools to share the Gospel with my unsaved friends and family. It really is a breath of fresh air compared to the prosperity preaching so prevalent today. I'll pray for the continual expansion and impact of your fantastic ministry." - Kelvin, Australia