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Cross the Bridge TV and Radio is broadcast around the world through television, radio, satellite and the internet. David McGee reaches out to those that have not received Jesus as Lord and Savior with the Gospel and teaches God's incredible Word, the Bible, verse by verse. The mission is to equip people to cross the bridge from death to life and from spectator Christianity to a life dedicated to serving the Lord. Please partner with this ministry by praying for David McGee, the staff and those that will hear the message.

Today's Radio Program
How to Deal with the Trials of Life: The Bumps in Life are What You Climb on, Pt 1
2 Corinthians 12:6-9

  • Trust in our own strength is often like leaning on a sharp stick. When you put your trust and real weight on it, it will be painful.
  • The power of Christ in Paul was more important than freedom from problems.
  • Prayer is not always to change our circumstances, but it is to change us.
  • When we think we can handle a situation, sometimes we are wrong. When we think the Lord can handle a situation or help us handle it, we are never wrong.