Deepen your faith by seeing how God fulfills His promises

It’s difficult to hold on to faith when you’ve been waiting for a long time for your prayers to be answered. But God is faithful to fulfill His promises in His perfect time.

We want to strengthen you in your faith by sending you David McGee’s 2 part series Divine Appointments: The Feasts of the Lord.

This encouraging study helps you see the wisdom of God in setting up His sacred calendar so you can be assured that He’s at work fulfilling His promises for you.

You’ll learn why the feasts of the Lord are still significant and how each of the seven feasts has a prophetic connection to events that have happened and will happen!

Divine Appointments: The Feasts of the Lord is our way to thank you for your gift below to help more people around the world grow in God’s life-changing Word.

Your support makes it possible for lives like Heather’s to be forever changed by the truths in God’s Word. She writes…

“We thank God every day for leading us to The Bridge! It has changed our lives. Thank you for helping us realize that we can be and are forgiven. We are walking closer with the Lord more and more every day!”

So thank you for your generous gift to help touch more lives like Heather’s with the transforming power of God’s Word!

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