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'Looking to the Skies' prophecy update DVD

Price $14.99

The recent news headlines have been horrific. Beheadings of Christians, nuclear threats, suicide bombings, and other disasters. But while we’re supposed to be concerned about what’s happening in our world, as Christians, we have hope! That’s why Pastor David wants to send you his ‘Looking to the Skies’ prophecy update DVD to thank you for your gift today to continue sharing the gospel through Cross the Bridge.

Pastor David shares some interesting recent news headlines, shows you what the Bible says about these events, and explains exactly how they relate to the return of Christ. He’ll help you see current world events with a biblical perspective. And, he’ll show you exactly why you can be hopeful for the future.


4 Blood Moons and the 7 Feasts

Price $14.99

The Lord’s feasts, blood moons, and other biblical prophecies are relevant to you today - maybe even more than you realize.

So we’d love to help you better understand these events by sending you Pastor David’s video, 4 Blood Moons and the 7 Feasts as thanks for your gift today.

As you’ll discover, the blood moons and prophecies don’t mean we should head for the hills - in fact, it’s just the opposite. We need to get busy building the Kingdom and focus on winning more men and women to the Lord!

That’s what you help make possible through your gift to Cross the Bridge. So thank you for your gift to help share the message of Jesus - and His soon return - with millions of people on television, radio, and online!


7 Feasts of the Lord

Price $14.99

Jesus told us in Matthew 16 that we should be able to discern the 'signs of the times.' This resource will help you understand and live ready for the times that God has set for you.

In this DVD message, Pastor David guides you through the richness of the Hebrew feasts – and shows you how understanding them can prepare you for God's upcoming divine appointments.


A Check Up from the Neck Up

Price $14.99

In our technology-driven world, it's easy to get so busy that you don't have time to read and think about God's Word, leading to spiritual sickness. That's why we want to send you Pastor David McGee's empowering message titled A Check Up from the Neck Up – so you can experience the spiritual health and joy God wants for you.

This insightful teaching reveals the principles of spiritual vitality in the Word of God by showing you the powerful discipline of meditating on God's Word.


Allies Marriage Conference

Price $24.95

The pressures of the world today threaten to tear marriages apart. Stress at work, kids, and a never-ending barrage of mixed messages about marriage can weigh down relationships between husbands and wives. In this open and candid series of messages from the Allies Marriage Conference, Pastor David McGee and his wife Nora dive deep into what Scripture says is the key to sticking together in marriage when the pressure’s on.

These teachings will show you how to deal with conflict in a way that brings you closer. And they’ll teach you how you can defend your marriage from the outside forces that threaten it.


Footsteps of Paul

Price $14.99

When Pastor David visited the very places where the apostle Paul ministered, and he examined the letters of Paul in the Bible, He discovered some powerful truths that he shares on his DVD, Footsteps of Paul. It’s fascinating to see the locations where Paul walked and hear how relevant Paul’s messages are for us today.

Experience the journey! Watch and listen as Pastor David unlocks the scripture's incredible, up-to-date meanings for us in the very cities where believers first read these letters almost 2,000 years ago. God's Word can change your life, and the lives around you, if you'll just let Him.

And this month only, we will mail you this new DVD for a gift of any amount to help Cross the Bridge reach more people with the life-changing power of God's Word.


One Book. One Message.

Price $14.99

The Bible was written over a period of approximately 2000 years by 40 different authors from three different continents, who wrote in three different languages. Yet... the Bible is singular in message.

In this insightful DVD from Cross the Bridge, David McGee surveys the entire Bible, pointing us to the ONE MESSAGE that rings throughout the Bible’s pages.


Seven Spiritual Passions

Price $14.99

Following Jesus is a lifelong adventure! And I want to help you continue to grow spiritually with my Seven Spiritual Passions teaching DVD.

This resource helps you apply the scriptural principles of Reading ... Study, Serving, Evangelism ... Discipleship, Fellowship ... Family, Worship, Giving, and Praying. And it’s my thank-you gift to you this month for helping to reach a hurting world with the Gospel message.

So please request your copy when you give generously below. And see your heart grow in love toward God and others as you live abundantly in Him.


Stand for Israel

Price $29.99

The people of Israel have experienced amazing blessing... as well as unspeakable hardships… throughout their history. Yet through it all, God has preserved them. Why is this small nation so important to our Heavenly Father? And are recent events in the Middle East a sign that Jesus will soon return? To help you discover the answers to these questions and more, we want to send you Pastor David’s 3-message HD Video series called, Stand for Israel.


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